Замена масла в коробке Хендай Солярис

Замена масла в коробке хендай солярис meters or

I thought and decided to replace the oil.

I did not find in the book I the viscosity of oil for manual transmission, as well as the interval of replacement, the plant seems to have made a box for the whole service life (quietly sitting, crying). And from what I cry, then, the replacement of oil in the ICE of 15,000 km, in the ICDI does not need to be changed at all.

Now, what do we get out of this? The engine probably begins to «die» on the run ala «For a hundred square meters or somewhere close», or «The first owner will not be tormented with it.»

Why do I make such a conclusion, on the run of 105,000 km you change the oil only 7 times in the dvs ! And no offense to anyone, golimogo shelah! Not super quality oil and modern oil! I change every 8000 km. And on the 15000 km run I changed 5 times, the so-called «run-in». And what am I talking about all this, and kill the engine and the box with such oil changes … In the manual, there is not even a probe! This is my personal conclusion, I do not impose my position on anyone, about frequent replacements. Yes, and put the original filter, although he bet a couple of times. They are not expensive anyway.

Viscosity was found on the Internet, if the repair of the box still passes, then you need to change the oil. When I run 94,000 km, I changed the oil in the box. Frankly speaking, I thought to change to 80000 km, only I first, the viscosity could not find which, later and what oil to pour all I thought. Only the mileage flies, but the case is in place. The way out found itself. That I bother, there is an original.

In the store where I ordered, two liter cans were available, by the way, there is also MTF Prime, the same as I understood semisynthetic, only the price is much higher. If there is no difference, why pay more?

If the next time I will change the oil in the box, then after 60,000 runs, unless I change the car of course.

Ordered under the catalog of a lining (a ring under a drain and zabalnuju) stoppers. What I found on the Internet catalog numbers, that in the catalog in the store, they coincided. Only, in fact they did not come up, they began to pick up from the accent, they also do not fit, by the way! The good news is, the spare parts store, with the service. Now, I’m wondering, but what about the guys who write and skip the catalogs on the forums and in the BC, you put those rings? If the rings are not suitable at all? We laughed for a long time in an auto mechanic.

I had to put old gaskets, by the way they were externally intact, without a hint of wear.

The oil has merged, dark, not straight black, but very dark, on the photo it seems black. So the oil works, and it needs to be changed. It has its own resource. So all I did was not in vain. In the original, the oil is color-coded as a motor oil, light yellowish.

Included oils are 1.9 liters. But taking into account the remainder in the tube of the filler syringe, in the canisters themselves, they filled in 1950ml. From the jellied hole began to drip the oil.

Very strong differences after the replacement is not noticed. Slightly better were the speed of stumbling.

Throwing pictures with unscrewed holes for draining and pouring oil, it’s such a picture, where I can really see everything on the Internet on the Internet.

All the luck on the roads, maybe my record to somebody will be useful.

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